E-1 30L/10lb Extractor

E-1 30L/10lb Extractor

IN-STOCK NOW!0 Day Lead Time  The E-1 Extractor, designed with ease of use and streamlined throughput at the forefront. After 5 years of evolved designs...

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0 Day Lead Time 

The E-1 Extractor, designed with ease of use and streamlined throughput at the forefront. After 5 years of evolved designs we are proud to introduce our latest model of complete turn-key extraction solutions.  When we say turn key, we mean it right out of the crate! No need to find pumps or other ancillary equipment to pair with our extraction setups, we've already done all the work for you! We offer complete engineering, install and training allowing you to walk away with confidence in operation and performance for your business. 



  • - 30L/10lb Material Capacity
  • - 40L/50lbs Evaporator Vessel
  • Choice of 40L/50lbs or 80L/100lbs Stainless Steel Solvent Tank
  • Integrated liquid/gas injection manifold
  • 25-25um Inline Filtration
  • 1-3um Inline Filtration
  • Inline Desiccant Filter Dryer (removes moisture in your gas!)
  • Inline Sight Windows for Process Viewing (watch your complete extraction start to finish!)
  • C1D1 Rated Stainless Steel Tank Scale
  • 80cf Nitrogen Tank and Regulator combo mounted directly to the system for pressure assisted operations including leak testing and extraction.
  • Complete service guarantee, engineering peer review, installation and up to 3 days of on site equipment training and certification.
  • - Compact Footprint: (LxWxH) 64x29x74
  • Shipping Weight (Turnkey): 1260lbs 

  • OSS Counter Flow Coil Recovery Setup eliminating the need for dry ice when recovering your solvents!
  • Haskel AGD 1.5 Recovery pump able to recover up to 1lb+ per min.***
  • Max Inlet Pressure (psi): 300
  • Min Inlet Pressure (psi): ATM
  • Outlet Pressure (psi): 300
  • Static Outlet Stall Pressure: 1.5 Pa+Ps
  • Piston Displacement per Cycle: 60 in³ / 983.2 mL
  • Gas Inlet/Outlet Connections: 3/4" NPT / 1/2" NPT
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Air Drive Inlet: 1/2" FNPT
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 18.83in x 15.82in x 9.38in


  • -Recovery powered by MTA TaeEVO Mini 10 chiller
  • Cooling Capacity: 7,060 btu/hr
  • Flow Rate: 1.5gpm
  • Power: 230/1/60
  • Low Temp: 14f
  • Tank Volume: 5.81 Gal
  • Footprint: (LxWxH) 26x19.1x34.5
  • Weight: 220lbs

  • - 7000w Tankless Water Heated Evaporator, heats water from room temp to extraction temps (40c/104f) in under 5 min!
  • Flow Rate: 2.5gpm
  • Heater Power: 230/1/60
  • Pump Power: 110/60
  • Temp Range: 26.6c/80f to 60c/140f 

  • Pneumatic Venturi Vacuum Pump, eliminating the need for additional electrical in the extraction room, a perfect combo to your C1D1 space!
  • Deep vacuum levels to 28.1 -inHg.
  • Low-weight, configurable and modular design
  • Mounted directly to extraction frame for quick access!
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance. 


  •  75 minute run time*.
  • -  Process 60lbs+ of material in one 8 hour shift!**
  • - Eliminate dry ice on recovery
  • - Two Material Columns allowing for alternating load/wash cycles. 
  • - Integrated manifold with -50c rated OSS Ball Valves

  • - Discreet, insured and reliable shipping fully cated to your doorstep/dock.
  • - Complete whiteglove delivery service, scheduled to the minute.  
  • - On-Site Delivery and post shipping Q&A and inspection handled by our experienced staff.
  • - On-Site Install and integration of equipment, we insure your machine is operational and running.
  • - Post install pressure-test & vacuum test to insure leak free operation.

  • - Up to 3 days of on-site training.
  • - Hands on operation
  • - Learn the tips and tricks of extraction
  • - Includes up to 3 individuals for training. 
  • - OEM Training certification for state compliance

  • - Trained & Experienced Technical support staff
  • - 3 hours, post purchase technical support included
  • - 1st year authorized service & rebuild included for Haskel recovery pump
  • - 90 day guarantee on all parts and equipment included
  • - OSS Swag Pack Included with all purchases of E-1 Extractors, joint #teamoss


  • - Additional tech support available.
  • - Online video consulting available.
  • - Subscription based maintenance packages available. Stay on top of gasket & consumable replacements!
  • - Complete list of replacement parts & components available for all customers.


*All run times are based on 99.95% Iso-Butane. 
**Run times do not include loading and unloading of material or cleanup time.
***Recovery times vary depending on the amount of available hydrocarbon vapors. 
****Installation does not include contracted installation of required Air Compressor, Electrical or Plumbing. Open Source Steel does not drill holes in existing walls or install bulkhead fittings, this will need to be done prior to our on-site visit and installation.  Questions or help with this process can be obtained by our sales staff with help finding qualified contractors in your area.



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